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We have thousands of items in our inventory and this is only a sampling.
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Binoculars by Dolland
Tortoise detailing
c. 1890
Item#: 11K0360

Lace Bobbins
c. 1860
$15/ each

Portelain Invalid Feeder
c. 1910
Item #: 1F0183
More Medical Available

Drafting Tool
c. 1900
Item#: 9F0441


c. 1930
Item#: 4C458


3-Draw Telescope
Item#: 9B1883
Telescopes and field scopes from other eras available

Carpenter's Scribe
Item#: 1N94
Others Available

Fleam (Bloodletting) Instrument
c. 1850
Item#: 10E986
Others Available

Plumb Bobs
c. 1920
Others Available

English Postal Scale
c. 1940
Similar Available

Wood Specimen Case c.1800
Item#: 10D0769

Carpenter's Square

Item#: 9B1715
Similar Available

Prosthetic Glass Eye
c. 1900
Item#: 13C3151
Other Colors Available

Pen Nibs
Gold & Steel Pen Nibs
$5 each

More variety of Nibs and Drafting Tools Available

Spring Scale
Pocket Spring Scale to 25lbs c.1880
Item#: 4B573
Other Scales Available

Level by Stanley
Item#: 9B2108

Bee Hive Smoker
c. 1920
Item#: 7B1331

Medical Hose Clamp
Item#: 5D0455

Proportional Dividers c.1890
Item#: 1K0071

Potato Peeler Salesman Case
Item#: 10C1227

Linen Loop
Item#: 4W0223
Other Sizes Available

Cigar Piercer, British Sterling Silver 1961
Item#: 10D1162

Item#: 8B1547

Vintage Letter Openers each sold separately
Letter Opener with Metal Rule
c. 1950 Item#: 2X0312
Many other styles of letter openers available

Graduated Cylinder c.1960
Other Glassware Available

Continental Binoculars
c. 1880
Item#: 4B0544
$ 185

Item#: 4W144
Others available

Doctor's Head Mirror
c. 1920
Item#: 10D1207

Pewter Inkwell from the Waldorf Astoria
Item#: 5G0138

Sling Psychrometer
Used to Measure Humidity
c. 1950
Item#: 1K0135

Field Glasses with Compass
c. 1900
Item#: 9B2048

Stanley Ballpein Hammer
c. 1940
Item #: 5X0493

Eye Surgery Set
Item#: 10D1009

Item#: 9F0458

Spring Scale in Pounds & Kilograms w/ British Military Tag c.1900
Item#: 4C0371

Pocket Sextant in Box
Item#: 7G0197
Others available

Molding Plane c.1880
Item#: 11K394
Other sizes and shapes available

Eye Test
Item#: 7E0635

Other sizes and types available

Zig Zag Ruler
Item#: 2V0062

Others available

3 Focus Field Glasses
Theatre, Field & Marine
c. 1860
Item#: 12D1297

Vacuum Tube
Item#: 3V0097

Others Available
in Various Sizes

Eye Surgeon's Set
Item#: E0640

Steel Pen Nibs
$5 each

Slide Rule
Item#: 3M0122
Others Available

Oil Can
Item#: 8V0463
Others Available

Indian Scout Flats
Item#: 7H0726
$8 each

Set of 3 Drafting Compasses
c. 1890
Item#: 5F287

Mechanical Pedometer c.1930
Item#: 1H0003

Others Available

Ports & Terminal Facilities 1918
Item#: 7H543

Ship's or Carpenter's Adjustable Angle
c. 1930
Similar Available

WW2 German Soldier Flats c.1950
Item#: 7H0736-9
$8 each

c. 1900
Item#: 5F0277

Angle Rule
Item#: 4W0178

6 Volume "Operative Surgery"
Item#: 12A1532

6" Wrench with Wood Handle
c. 1930
Item #: 8X0551
Similar Wrenches and Different Sizes Available

Napoleonic Lead Soldiers c.1950
Item#: 12M177
$10 each

Sling Psychrometer
Used to Measure Humidity
c. 1940
Item#: 5D0371

Engineering Drawing 1946
Item#: 1L25

Glass Cutter
c. 1900
Item#: 1N17
Others Available

British Cavalry
Flat c.1950
Item# 13H830

Part of a set


Nutcracker with Turned Grips. Plated
c. 1880
Item #: 11K0397

Hydrometer Set
c. 1880
Item#: 9A1152

Horn Handled Corkscrew c.1880
Item#: 12F565
Others Available

Large Padlock "Climax Newark" No key
c. 1890
Item#: 4T0059

Silver Plated Nut Cracker
c. 1900
Item #: 11K0364

Wood Handled Corkscrew c.1880
Item#: 11K370

Range Finder
c. 1900
Item#: 10D1026





Item#: 8D0653

++We have thousands of items in our inventory and this is only a sampling++

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